art form

art form
art form
1. a means of creative expression, as poetry, or a specific creative genre, as the sonnet, based on traditional structures, standards, and principles
2. any activity or medium similarly regarded as a means for the expression of creative impulses or professional expertise [diplomacy as an art form]

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  • art form — n 1.) a way of expressing ideas, for example in a painting, dance, piece of writing etc ▪ Music is quite unlike any other art form. 2.) make/turn sth into an art form to do something so often that you become very good at it ▪ a company that s in… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • art form — art forms N COUNT If you describe an activity as an art form, you mean that it is concerned with creating objects, works, or performances that are beautiful or have a serious meaning. Graffiti is now an art form in Northampton. ...Indian dance… …   English dictionary

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